Mamma mia, fried chicken again! The healthier option to re-cook your nuggets for dinner

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What? You had a ‘fried chicken party’ yesterday and now you have your fridge full of fried chicken, nuggets or chicken cutlets. Are you having a bellyache just thinking to eat them again today for dinner? Well, you know..it is a pity to throw all away! Willy-nilly you have to eat them. What you maybe do not know is that, despite they was born as fried chicken, you can reuse them in a healthy way. How? Re-cook them using a traditional recipe coming from the Old World (older than you think…).

Take care of your healthy food and a full wallet

Eating Well on a Budget

If you have an Italian friend, colleague or relative, it is now the time to call him/her. It is well known that Italians could have the answer.. if the question is about food! Italy is famous for having lot of recipes, but maybe you do not know that among these recipes, there a huge quantity about cooking (or better re-cooking) left-overs. So, having all these fried chicken in your fridge could be your opportunity to taste the ‘Cotoletta in umido‘. ‘In umido’ in Italian means ‘Stewed’. It is a simple way to re-cook your left-overs, in a healthy and environmental friendly way. You also are contributing to reduce carbon emissions, just avoiding to transform them in waste. In addition, it could be healthy for your wallet as well! You are transforming your left-overs in a typical Italian dinner, without paying an expensive restaurant.

But now, let’s see our “Cotoletta in umido” recipe. This way of cooking is very popular in the rural regions of Italy, especially in Emilia-Romagna (perhaps you know Maranello, city of ‘Ferrari’).

The best thing is to have chicken fried cutlets (e.g. ‘Wiener Schnitzel‘ or, better, ‘Cotoletta alla Milanese‘) remained from the day/lunch before, but you can apply this recipe also to fried chicken wings or nuggets.

A tasty and healthy recipe

Healthy Cotoletta in umido

To prepare the ‘Cotoletta in umido’ you need to:

  • chop a little onion or a garlic clove and fry it (if possible use ‘Olio Extravergine di Oliva‘ – the healthier option for Olive Oil) in a large pan. Do not exaggerate with oil – ¼ of a standard glass will be enough!; If you want to a more healthy dish, you can skip this point and go directly to the subsequent. The result will be good as well.
  • put in the same pan your chicken cutlets/nuggets/fried wings;
  • cover your fried chicken with tomato paste mixed with water. If you like them, you can add some peas;
  • cook all for around 30 minutes, until the water is completely dried.
  • put a handful of Parmesan Cheese.

DO NOT use Cordon Blues or similar cutlets with cheese and ham, you can transform this recipe from something good and healthy in something awful.

For better digestion, wash it down with red wine

This dish is best served accompanied by red wine. If available in your city, typical wines of the Emilia-Romagna region are Lambrusco, Sangiovese, Merlot dei Colli Bolognesi. If possible do not use white wine. In Italy meat is almost always accompanied by red wine. If you cannot find the wines listed, you can choose any red wine without gas (e.g. some wine from Tuscany). This would be your better and more healthy option.

Buon appetito!


Create a Healthy Dinner to stay long

Healthy Routine Meal

Making healthy food choices for dinner may be a tough job for us but that is the most important meal as you hit the bed once your done.

Breakfast is what you have first in the morning. It is the most important meal of the day because it is the meal which keeps you going so it has to be a meal which is designed in such a way with the essential nutrients and energy which is needed throughout.  If you don’t eat or have a good breakfast this will someday lead you to a traumatic condition. If you do this to slim down this would not be the right option.

Healthy Dinner OptionsSuch a case affects the energy level and release toxins which results to fatal condition both of these situations can cause fatigue. This will definitely affect you mentally where you cannot enjoy life properly

Eat a healthy breakfast to kick start the day and your lunch in such a way it nourishes and gives you the essential nutrients and keeps you going to the rest of the time and your dinner has to be much lighter than these.

As mentioned earlier in many families this is just upside down where heavy meals are prepared and taken which creates lot of problem at the time of sleep and this also affects the metabolism at a later stage.

So a strict planning has to be done.

Healthy Dinner meal to plan

Dinner seems to be the recreation time of the day.

We spend ample amount of time in planning, purchasing, preparing, and cooking the foods we will eat.

It is also a time for interaction with family and friends.

At times it happens to be special time when you have unexpected guests which naturally  leads you to take a heavy meal .As we have good gala time and cherish and kindle our old memories it makes us to enjoy a heavy meal because of its significance.

But this is not right to our body because anything you eat must be digestible before bed time and so it’s important to plan accordingly.

Due to these situations there are problems with digestion and the organs don’t co operate and thus leads to heart burns.

Eating foods which are easily digestable can avoid unnecessary problems like this

A well planned nourished meal has to be prepared which is simple and easy to make and eat. Raw Fruits, Vegetables, Soups can be the important part of our dinner. Many other tasty and easily digested meals can be cooked with the help of our technology and our neighborhood.

Salads, Juices and whole wheat grain can constitute a healthy dinner.

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